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Flat Fee MLS - List your house on the MLS - Just $299!

Flat Fee MLS Listing - List your house on the MLS - Flat Fee MLS
  • Have you ever wondered why AGENTS usually charge 6%?
  • Do you know how long it really takes to become a licensed Real Estate Broker?
  • With AGENTS outnumbering homes listed in St. Louis, why did 750 homes listed with traditional AGENTS expire April 1st, 2007 after sitting on the market for up to a year?

Please read on and we will explain all the secrets AGENTS do not want you to know!

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS), has modernized and digitized the Real Estate Industry. Released in 1998, the MLS places vast amounts of pertinent information in AGENTS' hands in a matter of seconds. 99% of all properties listed with an agent are pooled together on one site. That also means if your home is on the MLS, 99% of AGENTS will view your home as often as any other home on the market. Within 48 hours of listing a property on the MLS, your property is on hundreds of public search engines like Google and Yahoo at the fingertips of millions of buyers.

Prior to 1998, the MLS was a "phone-book-sized" reference of property information. The amount of time and expense required to keep up with the market between these quarterly reports was definitely disserving of a 6% commission. This has just not been the case for the last ten years. The market does not need a correction, the sales process does.

Today, anyone can browse Real Estate listed for sale on the MLS.

AGENTS are trained to make you believe 6% is justified, even though the computer does all the work. Did you know that a 6% commission is often split between four AGENTS? The home selling process no longer requires more than one AGENT to bring a buyer and a seller together.

MLS agent

Agents must charge 6% to make up for the thousands of dollars blown on advertising properties that never sell and brokerage self-promotion. This is simply unfair to you and they know it.

The fact is the internet is rendering traditional Real Estate methods obsolete. No matter how hard AGENTS try to market and sell your home, it seems commissions always get in the way.

Real Estate à la carte is not a "discount" brokerage", St. Louis based Real Estate à la carte is a "value brokerage." Traditional companies are now viewed as "mark-up brokerages." At Real Estate à la carte, we understand price sells homes, not inflated balloons and inflated self-promoting marketing contracts. We charge everyone we work with a little for the services requested so we do not have to charge those lucky sellers an arm and a leg. Real Estate à la carte listings are the most competitively priced listings on the market.