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Key: check = Included; X = Not included
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MLS Listing
Package 1
MLS Listing
Package 2
MLS Listing
Package 3
Full Description Realtor MLS Listing with 10 photos check check check Showcase check check check
For Sale Sign check check check
Pricing Assist X check check
Lock Box Rental X check X
Supra Lock Box X X check
2 Directional Signs X check check
Open House Sign X check check
Custom Marketing Flyers X X check
Flyer Info Box X X check
Activity Reports X X check
Price: $349.00
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Additional Real Estate Marketing Resources:

Appetizers ($25 each)

Add to Cart 3 MLS Open House Announcements
Add to Cart 2 Directional signs
Add to Cart Open House Sign
Add to Cart Change Order
Add to Cart Activity Reports
Add to Cart Flyer Info Box


Soup & Salad ($50 each)

Add to Cart 10 Additional Pictures
Add to Cart Lock Box Rental and set up
Add to Cart Pricing Assist
Add to Cart Custom Marketing Flyers


Entrée ($299)

Add to Cart Realtor MLS Listing


Desert ($75 each)

Add to Cart Contract Package
Add to Cart Electronic Lock Box (Supra)


Wine List

Add to Cart Showcase ($50)
Add to Cart 3 Month Listing Extension ($100)
Add to Cart 6 Month Listing Extension ($150)
Add to Cart Contract Assist ($995)