Real Estate and MLS Questions

RQ = Conventional REALTOR questions/ topics
AA = á la carte point of view / value brokerage point of view

RQ. Not showing FSBO’s

Your home must be listed by a REALTOR® in order to be included in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is a massive database of homes, that is now available to the public in most states via the Internet. According to the National Association of REALTORS® the majority of buyers find their REALTOR® and their home using the MLS. Statistics show 86% of buyers use a real estate agent during their search, 75% of buyers bought their home with the assistance of a REALTOR®, and 83% of sellers sold their home with the assistance of a REALTOR®*. Most REALTORS® are hesitant to show buyers "for sale by owner" (FSBO) properties because they risk not getting paid. Why limit yourself to the small percentage of buyers not using a REALTOR®?

AA. Is not showing FSBO’s unethical?

Yes, it is true that the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) currently serves as the gatekeeper for marketing residential real estate. It is true that your home must be listed by a REALTOR in order to be included in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Conventional REALTORS would never tell you this:

REALTORS only have to fulfill minimum brokerage requirements as outlined in the listing contract. This list of minimum brokerage requirements is unbelievably easy to accomplish if you are on top of technology.

Real Estate á la carte is a value broker and believes in proving a, you get more than you pay for, service. If a REALTOR refuses showing a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) for fear of non-compensation then that REALTOR is lying to you about other things. A REALTOR is a REALTOR because they pledged to honor a code of ethics. It does not seem very ethical for a REALTOR to make their client sign a buyer’s agency contract and then not show them everything on the market available for sale. FSBO’s are usually better deals because they cut out 3% commission by showing the house themselves. FSBO’s will almost always cooperate with buyer’s agents. Brokerages may discourage their agents from showing FSBO’s because they only want their agents to show listings in their office to try to get all 6% of the commission. Real Estate á la carte brokers offer their services by the hour. You see anything you want to see with no contract. Real Estate á la carte brokers are knowledgeable real estate professionals, landlords, and investors. With Real Estate á la carte you get what you pay for.

RQ. Saving Valuable Time

The process of attracting buyers, being available to show your house, providing property disclosures and making the sale requires many hours of work. In addition, if you are not well versed in writing real estate contracts you risk having legal issues. Why spend your valuable time when a REALTOR® can do it for you and do it more efficiently? They are well worth the fee you pay at closing.

AA. What is your time worth? Does it take more time to sell a more expensive home?

Real Estate á la carte believes that If you sell your home FSBO you can save up to 10%, here’s how. You pay your REALTOR up to 6-7% and you credit your buyer closing costs, drop your price because somebody didn’t accurately price your home, and incur carrying costs in the form of mortgage interest, insurance, taxes, utilities, etc. The brokers at Real Estate á la carte look to help you sell your home starting at a little less than $300 bucks. If you would like to spend more, that is up to you. Real Estate á la carte brokers offer their time and expertise on an hourly basis so you can develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your home. As for legal issues…Real Estate á la carte offers contract services on a document fee basis. Your transactions are insured just the same as if you were listed with a conventional brokerage.

The issue of "well worth the fee you pay at closing" is totally bizarre.

How much do you make? A real estate brokerage that lists and sells your house for 6% stands to make $6,000.00 per $100,000.00 of sales price.

Sell your home for $500,000.00 and the brokerage could take $30,000.

Real Estate á la carte asks again…How much do you make? What do you drive? Sell your home yourself and treat yourself to a brand new convertible or SUV paid for CASH with the money you saved marketing and selling your own home with the assistance of Real Estate á la carte!

RQ. REALTORS Price Your Home Competitively

Sellers may be aware of a few nearby homes that have sold, but they don't have access to the area market data nor do they possess any professional knowledge of real estate transactions. A REALTOR® will utilize a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) which is an invaluable tool when pricing property.

AA. Real Estate á la carte provides (CMA) Competitive Market Analysis for as little as $50 bucks!

This topic is loaded with bologna. EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO THE AREA MARKET DATA…THE INFORMATION IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE Let Real Estate á la carte show you what someone paid for their home and when they bought it. Hire a Real Estate á la carte broker to provide you with not only a CMA but links to tons of websites that REALTORS don’t want you to know about. Real Estate á la carte sells their intellectual capital by the hour or by the project. Real Estate á la carte brokers want to be your invaluable, yet affordable, Real Estate Solution.

RQ. Contracts and Disclosures

A REALTOR® knows how to complete the required contracts, forms and disclosure statements necessary for each sales transaction. All of the legal documents must be completed properly and in a timely manner. REALTORS® are very familiar with the process and can ensure it goes smoothly. You can also take advantage of an agent's expertise to make sure that you don't sign anything that is not in your best interest and prevent legal trouble after the sale. Nearly one third of FSBO sellers felt understanding and completing the necessary paperwork was the most difficult task when selling a home themselves*.
Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

AA. Contracts and Disclosures

It takes about 4 days of internet school, $500 bucks, and passing a simple test to become a REALTOR licensee. Real Estate á la carte brokers have invested, bought, sold, and leased tens of millions of dollars worth of residential, commercial, and investment property in the last couple of years.

The first thing a REALTOR is going to tell you when you have a problem or don’t understand the contract is that you should consult an attorney.

At the top of REALTOR forms it says that these documents have legal consequences if you don’t understand them you need to consult and attorney. Ever try to call your REALTOR with a problem after a purchase or sale? REALTORS are in the business for an average of 8 months. The odds of you getting help after the sale are not in your favor. Get a deal and get Real Estate á la carte to draft you a contract and set you up to close. It’s that easy.

RQ. Make More Profit with a REALTOR

It pays to use a real estate agent! A typical FSBO home sold for $175,000 when sold by a REALTOR®, compared to $145,000 when sold by the owner*. Even with a commission, the seller made significantly more money.

Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

AA. Make More Profit with a REALTOR

Real Estate á la carte brokers are REALTOR’s. If it is true that "even with a commission, the seller made significantly more money" then by using a REALTOR that doesn’t charge a commission, you would stand to make even more money, right?

RQ. If you don’t use a REALTOR will buyers "low ball" you?

Sellers have an emotional attachment to their home and may only emphasize the features they consider most desirable. However, as trained professional, a REALTOR® is more attuned to the buyers' needs and will highlight the most appealing features to each buyer. A REALTOR® also insulates you from potential buyers who try and under cut your price. Plus, many buyers feel intimidated when dealing directly with the seller.

AA. News Flash!!! Doesn’t it seem like buyers ALWAYS offer 6% less than the purchase price?

Real Estate á la carte brokers go over comparable sales right there next to your side. Many sales prices have been manipulated the last couple of years due to "creative financing". Many REALTORS do not know what the actual bottom line is. The MLS does not account for credits to the seller nor does the MLS account for a seller carry back. A seller carry back occurs when the seller holds the buyer’s down payment. This results in the seller having a second mortgage due them; however, if the buyer pays…great. If the buyer doesn’t pay…Good luck getting your REALTOR to get the money for you.

RQ. A REALTOR® Qualifies Buyers with Pre-Approvals from a Lender

Using a REALTOR® can save you the headache of dealing with unqualified buyers. REALTORS® are experienced in dealing with pre-qualifications and can help you avoid wasting time in negotiations with buyers who cannot afford your home. Buyers seek assistance with obtaining a mortgage that best suits their needs. A REALTOR® is associated with a multitude of lenders and can help expedite the sale process by assisting a buyer with appropriate financing.

AA. What does it take to get a Pre-Approval letter from a lender?

The lending and insurance industries are about the only two industries with more unqualified people working in them than the real estate industry. News Flash!!! A Pre-Approval letter from a mortgage broker should not give you the security many REALTORS believe you should feel as a seller. There are so many unqualified mortgage brokers out there who will issue a pre-approval letter to just about anyone. Mortgage brokers seem as inexperienced as some REALTORS these days. A Pre-Approval letter means a little more if it comes from the buyers banking institution. You are never in the clear until the funds transfer. Funds are usually not even clear to close until a couple days before the scheduled close date. REALTORS can’t do anything about the mortgage broker not showing up with the buyer’s funds to close.

RQ. REALTORS® are Experienced Negotiators

Many sellers are hesitant to bargain with buyers or are just uncomfortable with negotiating. REALTORS® are experienced negotiators and can be a powerful ally when negotiating a contract with a prospective buyer. Your REALTOR® will help you obtain the highest price for your property, review all of the terms and conditions stated in the contract, assist you with inspection reports and coordinate all the closing details.

AA. The commission just gets in the way and aggravates everyone. Why does it seem like buyers always offer 6% off the asking price of your house?

While it is true that some REALTORS are experienced negotiators, the fact remains that it costs about $500 bucks and 4 days of internet multiple choice questions to get your real estate license. When the market gets soft brokerages need to fill their big expensive buildings with warm bodies. If the market is soft enough, any body will do. If the average REALTOR does 2 deals a year than how can the average REALTOR be experienced with anything other than getting frustrated?

It is in a REALTORS best interest to tell you to take any offer they think will close. After all, REALTORS don’t get paid unless a deal closes. At 6% commission and typical commission splits of 50/50, a REALTOR makes as little as $150 bucks less for every $10,000.00 dollars less you as a seller accept as a sale price. If there is no deal, the REALTOR makes nothing.


Sales Price $100,000.00

Listing Agent Commission $1,500

Sales Price $90,000.00

Listing Agent Commission $1,350

You take $10,000.00 less but your REALTOR only takes $150 less. OUCH!!!

If there is no sale your REALTOR gets ZERO. They will tell you to take $90,000.00, especially if your listing agreement is about to expire. REALTORS know that if you hire Real Estate á la carte and drop the price $5,000.00 you will sell your home and pocket more money.